México más efectivo sin efectivo

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  ¿asqueado de la corrupción en México? Las cosas podrían cambiar pero todos tendríamos que poner de nuestra parte. Aquí una propuesta que pretende sumarse a otras con el objetivo de reducir la corrupción En DHP* tenemos una iniciativa de Reforma a la Ley Monetaria de los Estados Unidos Mexicanos, ¿de qué se trata? En los […]

¿de aclaraciones se trata? pues hagamos un #CalcetinFest


Dra. Jaqueline Peqqshard especialista en Transparencia y Acceso a la Información apoya #SinEfectivo

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Ten minutes after Roberts’ tracking device was found to be

Hermes Kelly Replica maryland does not need tax increases Hermes Kelly Replica Replica Hermes Bags Part of Lacy success with the Packers comes with the formations that they utilize to help their running game get going. Normally, the Packers have been a team that gets Rodgers into the shotgun formation quite a bit, and while […]

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Free money management advise is just that. Free. Psychologically people will interpret what free is differently and make a determination if free money mangement advise is truly free. Further, ratings and forecasts of financial and other information are inherently forward looking and embody assumptions and predictions about future events that by their nature cannot be […]

The megastore about 35 miles up the road from the White House

Both single and rose combs were common, another influence from the Malays. A black breasted red Malay cock is on display at the Smithsonian Institution as the ‘father’ of the Rhode Island Red chicken. A monument was erected to the Rhode Island Red in 1925 in Adamsville which is part of Little Compton, Rhode Island. […]

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The former England captain and other Chelsea players met Tommi Miller at Stamford Bridge following a game last year. Terry, who is currently injured, told local media he was to hear of Tommi death, and wants the child to get send off he deserves. Overwhelmed really, said Tommi mother, Ruth, Tommi was such a great […]