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It’s the end of the world, one on one death match that’s worthy of the name ‘climax’! And best of all, if you don’t win the one on one tournament to the finish within the hour, the world will end! No punches pulled this time!” General Teddie. EMP: Along with the EMP grenades from the […]

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All for Nothing: Well, all for some tampons and cotton buds. Angrish: “FUCK MINI BABYBEL!” We also get an impressive stint of angry Urdu: “these useless fuck my auntie from a standing position pyjama wearing cockerel dicks!” Armoured Closet Gay: Repressed homosexuality is a rather plausible explanation for Barry’s character, given his bizarre “initiation ritual” […]

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The former England captain and other Chelsea players met Tommi Miller at Stamford Bridge following a game last year. Terry, who is currently injured, told local media he was to hear of Tommi death, and wants the child to get send off he deserves. Overwhelmed really, said Tommi mother, Ruth, Tommi was such a great […]

Foreshadowing: When you create the new Gem of Eternity in

You should also look at the top part of the classroom desks and tables. Laminate tops are inexpensive and easy to clean and maintain. However http://diverlogistic.com/its-a-lifestyle-and-attitude/, they are not very durable, and are easily susceptible to chipping and breaking. Plastic tops are durable and easy to maintain but they can be very expensive. You can […]

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“That was a very abstract, almost avant garde episode with Q and what he was trying to prove with the Enterprise, telling Picard to be aware because there are some bad asses out there that you’re not prepared for no matter what you think. I have shattered universes to mock you. Very few attacks ignore […]