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She was once a magical girl (and looked almost like a Palette

Dumbass Has a Point: For such a clod headed oaf, William is quite cunning on a number of occasions. Dumb Muscle: Richard is a good soldier, but is not really good at anything else. It becomes especially obvious when he becomes the Earl. And let us not completely forget the backward dummy we inflicted on […]

Her life is changed forever when she discovers the Death Note

But offbeat telly sketch show creator Limmy, aka media shape shifter Brian Limond, isn’t one to respond to rejection by sitting on his hands.He never expected to become an “internet sensation” or a TV star. So the news that Limmy is now operating in one of the few mediums he’s not tried yet old fashioned […]

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Even if Vulcan used the same word for both pronouns (as modern

Well congratulations Mr. Obama, you pushed another of your puppets through, although it doesn’t really matter since you’ve public stated in your recent speeches that you no longer intend to recognize Congress as a relevant branch of the government because they oppose your policies too much. Now you have informed America that you will not […]

Akira Okada is your Valentino Replica Handbags typical

He is a public supporter of the Labour Party, delivering a very scathing criticism of David Cameron in early 2010 as well as providing the voiceover for Labour’s 2010 Election Broadcast http://klercafeteria.com/any-largely-inserted-made-fleecy-paving-might-adapt-to-the/, although he avoided political commentary during his tenure as the Doctor because he felt it was improper. “Ego Trippin’ (Part Two)” can be […]